Video Creator Jean Carlo

Videographer Jean Carlos

Jean Carlo Rivera  is a Puerto Rican content creator who started his photography and videography career during the start of the Pandemic.

Before he picked up a camera, he was a professional basketball player playing in the Professional basketball league in Puerto Rico and other semi-professional leagues across the United States.

Jean Carlo’s future goals as a content creator are traveling the world and demonstrating his talents and working for some of the largest brands and hotels in the world. His collaborations include Porsche Puerto Rico, the current Miss Universe Puerto Rico, Michelle Marie Colon and several hotels including Palacio Provincial.

Jean Carlo's true passion is showing the beauty of Puerto Rico, and all it has to offer. With his videos Jean Carlo tells stories, portrays beautiful landscapes, and collaborates with some of the most beautiful people on his island.

You can follow Jean Carlo on Instagram at @jeancarlo_o

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