San Juan’s Dreamcatcher hotel, rated by Condé Nast as the worlds best relaxing vegetarian hotel

San Juan’s Dreamcatcher hotel, rated by Condé Nast's as the worlds best relaxing vegetarian hotel, and #1 hotel in Puerto Rico, is one of most dreamy places you will have a hard time leaving. In addition, it is not just all the secret nooks decorated with lacy hammocks and potted plants and intricately tiled floors. Alternatively, the subtle smell of incense or gentle jangling of wind chimes that, greet you as you walk through the front gate. Alternatively, even the fact that the whole place is tucked behind a jungly tangle of trees on a tranquil residential street in Ocean Park, just one block from the beach. The scenery of maderas village is wonderful to see.

The vibe at the Dream catcher is just Zen, as the mini hotel bills itself as a vegetarian yoga destination, geared toward relaxation and decompressing. The friendly staff will guide you on a tour, and give you one of the hotel’s famous hand-drawn neighborhood maps. When you're there they bring you a glass of chilled cucumber-mint water, and invitation to a three course vegetarian brunch.


Ocean Park, where the Dream catcher is located, is one of San Juan’s coolest neighborhoods. About ten minutes’ drive from Old San Juan and the airport, it doesn’t feel touristy at all — the residential part of the neighborhood isn’t open to thru-traffic, so the area around the hotel is really peaceful. There are a ton of really cute restaurants, food trucks, shops, and bars within walking distance, so you could totally get away with not renting a car. The hotel itself serves breakfast and brunch and offers guests access to a communal vegetarian kitchen, as well as daily yoga and meditation classes and free beach chairs and umbrellas.


Inside the hotel, the authorities of this hotel arrange the yoga and meditation classes for their guest. The visitors can sign up the form for these classes to join. Beside this class, they arrange a sightseeing tour specially maderas village San Juan del sur for the people. Even after all things, they offer bike tour, waterfall tour, tarot reading, paddle boarding, nature adventure tours etc.


Each room of this hotel is very much attractive and beautiful. Every room has air conditioner, cotton sheets, beach and bath towels, hairdryer and an iron the room. You will find lot of space within the room. For your comfortable, they provide you the best kind of services by the staffs of the hotel. There within the room one can get the wifi connection and books for reading.

Food and Drink

All the foods that provided to the guests, they collect it from the locality. The hotel uses organic produce and provides vegetarian and vegan things to the guests. The foods always remain gluten free. The taste of the hibiscus tea will amaze you that they offer to their visitors. They also give blending juices, hemp milk, that is homemade and kombucha elixirs that prepares with natural ingredients.


The outside view from the hotel is just awesome, with the beach near by. Whenever you are going to stay in this hotel, the natural scenery beside the hotel will attract you towards its beauty. Ocean park is just 10 minutes far away from the hotel and the historical old San Juan is also near the hotel. One can take a ride of a car to go there. On the other hand, the airport is also very near from the hotel dreamcatcher. This hotel almost represents itself like our own house.

For more information on the Dream Catcher Hotel, visit their website

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