Puerto Rico "La Borinqueña"

Where is one place that you make a point to visit multiple times? I promised my self I’ll come back home every year. 2021 is getting kicked off by a trip back to Puerto Rico.


Wish I could say that this plane landmark in Puerto Rico had a cool story behind it.... But it doesn’t, apparently the plane owner pulled it up to this property to fix it. Got tired of fixing it and just left it there 😂. The back of the plane deteriorated over time and now different graffiti artist come here to leave their mark. But I would highly recommend visiting this... it’s located in Aguadilla, PR. That is approx 2 hours away from San Juan. The back of the plane has a small “kinda safe” ladder to climb onto the plane. Inside of the plane is also full of art...so It can also make for another dope picture spot.

Charco Azul, Vega Baja PR

So I headed to this gem in Puerto Rico in Vega Baja. About 35 min from San Juan called Charco Azul. A buddy of mine told me he visited this with a TOUR for a $120 🥴
I drove there parked at someone’s property... tipped the property owner and went there for $10 bucks. 😂 AGAIN different strokes for different folks but if you don’t want to pay a hefty price for tours to see nature that god has provided for free... listen do some research and head there on your own. Nothing wrong with a little adventure!

El Yunque National Forest

Here are my FAILED picture ideas of EL Yunque. I hate all of these photos the idea was there but not feeling the execution. Thought I should post pics today that I really didn’t like. To me are considered my bottoms of the barrel. Trust me when I say influencers take about 100 photos just to find ONE good one 😂 But I like to consider my self a realist... not all our pictures are so perfect and spot on most of the time we look like shit/blurry/bloated and whatever ... but whooooooo cares 😂 Influence is not about impressing others it’s about inspiring/informing ! 🤷🏻♂️

Old San Juan

Puerto Rican Jibaro? (He-bar-ro) for you English folks 😂
Jíbaro is a term used to refer to mountain people, who lived "in-land" in the heart of the island, and are the backbone of the Puerto Rican culture.

In present time in Puerto Rico, they dress up in tradition of the “Jíbaro” to celebrate the harvest of coffee with joyful music/dance to honor those mountain workers of the passed that built the island. Jíbaro music and dance was the principal musical expression of the humble and hardworking mountain people who worked the coffee planations and inland farms of Puerto Rico.

Cheers to the Jibaros who harvested and built up the island 🙌🏽 🍻🎉🎊 🇵🇷

Culebra, Puerto Rico

Culebra has by far the best beach in PR. This particular beach is called flamenco beach. Water is shallow for like a whole mile and the water is clear all the way through, and see fish swimming by you! In 1936 Culebra (snake island) was once used for U.S Navy landing and bomb testing. Hence the reason for military tanks. After 228 missiles hit the island in 1969 as the U.S navy were training for war with Vietnam. People indigenous to the island were ready to fight back for their land.

In 1970 The people of the island began a non violent protesting for 7 months and finally won. By 1975 all military cleared the island! Now they have many remnants of old military tanks and artifacts spread out through out the island making it look very rustic but beautiful. So if you’re going to Puerto Rico visit this island.

I will be dropping the ins and outs of my trip here cause there are some things you must know. Regarding rules, covid protocols, stays and food.

Michael Watson