Nicaragua, the largest country in Central America, gaining momentum with some hidden gems in this volcanic terrain

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. Many say it’s the next Costa Rica as this country is gaining momentum and expanding in development.

There are some hidden gems in this volcanic terrain. There’s something for everyone to explore when you’re in Nicaragua, from historical colonial cities to pacific coastlines.


To start, let’s briefly talk about food: Beans, rice and meat are your most common meals. For “comedores/fritangas” (local street food eateries) you can expect to have the common options of gallo pinto (fried beans and rice) and choice of grilled chicken, beef or pork. For breakfast you can also expect the same, gallo pinto. The common breakfast also includes “queso frito”(fried cheese) and a choice of meat.


Rancho Santana is exactly as it describes itself on their Instagram Bio ” Purity, authenticity and rustic elegance. Set serenely in the Southwest Pacific…

”Hacienda Iguana- This resort neighbors Rancho Santana and is set along the pacific coast. Sit back at the beach and watch an unforgettable sunset. It was a youthful, fun and upbeat place where everyone is filled with fun and positivity.

San Juan del Sur at Pelican Eyes Resort- beautiful view of the ocean and conveniently located in walking distance to downtown San Juan. Pelican Eyes has 3 beautiful pools.

Towns and Experiences to add to your list:

Explore Granada – a small town nestled next to Lake Nicaragua. The architecture preserves the Spanish colonial styles. There is also a main plaza with the Cathedral de Granada.

Masaya Volcano- Explore the Masaya Volcano to check out the caldera and craters.

Cristo de La Misericordia at San Juan del Sur- You can rent an ATV or hike up to “El Cristo” The view from the Cristo is breathtaking and worth the hike or drive up there.

Isla de Omepete- hop on the next ferry where you can explore the island of Omepete. You can rent an ATV and ride to Ojo de Agua, a cool natural water pool.

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