I never seen MAGIC until I stepped foot in Africa.

I never seen MAGIC until I stepped foot in Africa. The trees, the animals, the land, the simplicity and the happiness of the tribe people who live life without all the extravagant extremities that most Americans desire.

Nairobi Orphanage Fundraiser

While in Kenya we visited this amazing orphanage with some of the smartest and high spirited children I’ve ever met! Although we were able to give back. We wanted to give others the chance to give back as well! Our team created a fundraiser to help impact their lives further. Through donations we were able to purchase: Food/drinks, Sandals, Cooking oil, Water, Books, Flour, Toiletry And other items!

A Day with the Maasi Tribe

5 facts you probably didn’t know about the MAASAI TRIBE.
1. The Maasai Tribe inhabit northern, central and southern Kenya as well as northern Tanzania! As far as records go, there are over 840,000 Maasai Tribe members living in Kenya, and at least 800,000 in Tanzania.
2. Animal blood is a part of their diet. Maasai people drink blood on various occasions: when they are sick, have just been circumcised, or have just given birth.
3. Maasai members pride themselves on their cows. Maasai men spend most of their adulthood gathering cows! As a Maasai man, your wealth and status within the tribe is determined by how many cows you own.
4. The Maasai Tribe are mostly polygamous and women do all the constructions of homes! Maasai men take on many wives and often marry a Maasai women of way younger age. Men take care of the hunting and women take care of the children, cooking and construction of homes.
5. The Maasai “jumping dance” which is actually called Adamu is a ceremonial dance done for mating. It’s a way for a young Maasai man who just become a warrior to demonstrate his strength and attract a bride.

Crystal Clear Waters

What baffled me is that people wrote me and asking me where I was... when they seen crystal clear water...and white sand beaches....
Like Africa was just suppose to be a place of deserted land, starving kids, wildlife and people running around with spears living in huts.
“What no way”! That’s Kenya? Looks like you are in the Caribbean! 🙄
Our American school system and media has failed us. Not showing what true beauty líes in the countries in Africa.
But I’m also glad I’m able to show what else is in this beautiful continent and I cannot wait to explore more!

Nairobi National Park

“There is no wifi in a Safari, but you will find a better connection.” This was my first safari ever!


Unfortunately Camela and I (the camel i rode in Egypt) have broken up. I have taken the polygamous route and I’ve taken on two wives Camelina and Humpela straight from Kenya 😍😂😂 Humpela is my favorite (on the right)🥴 dont tell Camelina. 🤫⠀

Michael Watson