Costa Rica “PURA VIDA”

CostaRica gave me the opportunity to see things in a different perspective.. "Pure life"

When they say “PURA VIDA” they mean it.  I hadn’t actually heard this term prior to arriving at their airport. In fact, as I was getting off the plane, the firsts words I heard were that - PURA VIDA. Pura Vida is Spanish for Pure Life. That is exactly what you get out of this country in every single aspect.  Who ever came up with that phrase to represent their country was a genius. This is kind of a mash up of the three times I’ve visited.  The only country I’ve gone back to besides my country of the Dominican Republic, multiple times.

Going to CostaRica gave me the opportunity to see things in a different perspective because it was one of the first countries I ever visited upon my travel journey.  Although I was an avid domestic travel, international wasn’t something I was very familiar with.  The normal travel worries eat you up when you’re heading to a new place but I went in with the mentality that this was going to be alright - and it was.

Every time I’ve visited, it’s a different trip.  Although we may visit some of the same places because of friends we’ve made over the trips we’ve taken, every time it feels like the first time.  That first time feeling is the best and CostaRica gives you that feel! The people, the food, their nightlife, their beaches- everything about Costa Rica is lavish. I’ve been able to travel to a couple of cities throughout the country like San Jose, La Fortuna, Tamarindo and a few others but like I mentioned before, its different every time. I’ve spent a total of 30 days throughout my travels there and can’t wait to spend another 30!  

I’m sure I am not the only one who focus on food because guess what? Everyone loves food ! I can’t honestly say that I have NEVER had a bad meal in Costa Rica. There hasn’t been one instance that I’ve never devoured my plate! Costa Rican food is good !  Through food, I actually made a really nice connection with a woman at a restaurant across from the airBNB we were staying in.  Since this place was kind of our local restaurant, and the food was amazing, we were there a couple of times throughout the week ! We explained to her that we were looking to donate some school supplies to a local school there in La Fortuna and in about 5 minutes we were on the phone with the director.

One of the most rewarding things I have and will continue to do for the rest of my life is giving back.  I am fortunate that I am in a position where I can give back and for me, I do it any time that I can.  The very next day after the conversation with the director over at the school, we were at the local supermarket basically clearing out all of their school supplies ! The school wasn’t very far from where we were staying so we walked up and were greeted by a few teachers &the director at the door !

We were able to donate to about 7 classrooms with about 30 kids in each room ! Not only did we donate but we got a chance to spend some time with all of them and ask them questions about their futures and in turn they got to learn a bit more about who we are and what we do.  It was awesome being able to inspire these kids to continue to reach for their dreams! The funny thing is that they were the ones that actually inspired me.

Our friendMaria, couldn’t believe that we just decided to do this so quickly.  We had been planning this prior to our trip but at the time didn’t have connections until we were blessed to have met her.Maria unfortunately passed due to a cancer she had been struggling with for many years but in her name, and in her honor, we continue to donate to the school via Delivering Hope.


Michael Watson